Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hot ham water.

I don't have anything interesting to say.

We're going to a wedding this weekend and I don't have a dress to wear.

Last night we watched a movie called Love Liza with Phillip Seymour Hoffman where his wife commited suicide, so he started huffing gasoline. It was the strangest plot line I've ever witnessed. I can't believe the movie got made.

We also watched Into the Wild which was also a strange movie. The whole movie was like a plateau. And the way he died was so uneventful! He ate poisonous berries! Who cares?! It was really sad that he died all alone. But he should have been more careful about what he was eating-don't you think? How long was he out there all alone? Eight weeks? And after eight weeks he decided that it might be helpful to know what kinds of plants weren't poisonous? What the hell was he doing the whole time? The end was really sad-that he died alone, but the movie as a whole was not that great.

We also watched We don't live here anymore wish Naomi Watts and Peter Krouse. That movie wasn't so great either. I absolutely love Naomi Watts and I'll watch anything she's in, but this movie really didn't seem to have any kind of climax. This is what I gathered from the movie:
Naomi's character didn't seems to care if her husband found out.
Mark Ruffalo's character did seem to care if his wife found out.
Peter Krouse and Laura Dern's characters seemed to know that their significant others were having an affair.
Once Peter Krouse found out that Naomi was having an affair, there was big trouble, but Naomi wasn't interested in sleeping with Mark anymore. So she left. And that's the movie.

We also watched No Country For Old Men the other night. It was also terrible. None of the characters seems to be very well developed. We don't really know anything about any of them. So why should we have feelings for them? Why should we care what happens to any of them if we don't know anything about them? The killer is going around killing people and we don't know why-except that we think he's after the money...but why? How did he know anything about it? And Tommy Lee Jones is supposed to be "the good guy"? I did not get that impression. He seemed like a lazy southern asshole who didn't really care about solving the case. We watched the behind-the-scenes stuff to try to get some insight into the characters and everyone who was involved with the film seemed to be disillusioned about what the audience got out of the movie.

The end.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

wow. hello.

since i've last written, a lot of great things have happened:

(1) BFF came to visit

(2) i've discovered the miracle facewash: baking soda

(3) i found fabulous face lotion: burts bee's night creme with royal jelly

(4) i went to my local library for the first time since we moved here (three years)
4a) borrowed two books on web page design (and i read them before i goto bed!)

(5) i've/we've become obcessed with the HBO series Six Feet Under (we're currently on the 4th disc of season 3)

(6) i've almost completed kniting a sweater!!

(7) i've made two bags (and i've got ideas for about 6 more!)

(8) my kroger finally got store brand soy milk (and it's organic!!!) and i get my employee discount on it!!!

(9) i'm not going to school this semester and i'm much happier without it!

(10)i've cut back on cheese and i've never been happier!

(11) i finally used the rest of the gallon of bleach i bought 2 years ago and i'm moving onto much more environmentaly friendly cleaning products (baking soda and vinegar)

i'll post pictures of the bags and sweaters later.

some bad things:

(1) my laptop has a humongous crack in it and there is a gigantic black splotch in the middle of the screen-needless to say-im in the marker for a cheap computer monitor ($2.98 at the salvation army) so that my lap top can be a full time desk top.

(2) i think that my effort to cause less polution has only caused more!!! :(

well i'm off to tend to my cupcakes and meet Diemchi at Cellar at 630 for happy hour drinks! (i've never been to happy hour before!)


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Update on the Label-Maker

I did indeed get a label-maker for christmas. And it's fantastic.

Also: a new look for the blog*.

*take note.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

my milk(shake) brings all the boys to the yard

haha! I just found this t-shirt that I was so BAD!!!!

Dreamy Dreams

I woke up this morning at 830 hung-over, parched, and with a sneeking suspission that the front door was open (albiet, not unwarrented. Our door is very tricky and unless it's locked, or closed properly, it randomly opens when the air pressure in the complex is inturrupted.) So I got up to get some water and check the door (it was closed) and went back to sleep. Though, for some reason, I still had anxiety about the door being open, I fell asleep quickly. I went on to dream about:

random people coming into our apartment because our door was always open, and I had become friends with these people. Well, one night (in my dream) I was cleaning (which I have to do in actuality) and Patrick Swayze walked in.

PATRICK SWAYZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



so for some reason we were dancing. haha! (he's such a good dancer, ya'll. seriously.)

ah. I can't believe Patrick Swayze was in my dream. MY dream! And he wanted to dance with me!!!

At one point, we went to the grocery store (probably becase I pretty much live there. And we didn't goto mine-we went to the "other" one.) And there were a lot of people there and it was crowded, but he was so polite-helping old ladies with their bags and not cutting in line!

Oh. This just cements that we were meant to be.

That was like the end of my dream I think. Just dancing and going to the grocery store. I woke up right after that and I was all excited about it but I went back to sleep. But I remembered the dream. That's probably the best thing that happened to me all vacation!!! (That's not true, but needed to be said for dramatic effect).

So, Patrick Swayze if you ever read this: I'm here. And I'm waiting for you.

Now I must make the apartment look all spick and span!! (are those real words?)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


In talking to my sister on the phone just now, our conversation went as follows:

her: omg-do you want to see the ring I want my dad* to get me for christmas?

me: yeah

her:(explaining where it is on the webiste)

me:(blah blah blah, it's beautiful, blah blah blah)

her: what did you ask my dad to get you for christmas?

me: a label maker

this is the difference between my sister and I: i'm practical.

*she says "my dad" in reference to "our dad"

this is AWESOME!!!

I played The Gotham Gazette Garbage Game and sent 1,897,871 tons of refuse across 121,224 miles.